Nova Loosecanon

Nova Loosecanon

(Nova Loosecanon) from a small city in south Florida called Boynton beach fl.

Born In April 20th 2000 Early musical influenced By Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, OutKast, in many more.

Nova Had No fear in joining small groups of friends battle raping in the middle school he attended Carver middle School located in Delray Beach Florida even though he had trouble functioning at home he still found a way to motivate himself to keep the Marathon going keeping His Rap Dreams Alive.

Nova Loosecanon, Started professionally recording records at the age of 13 He Released several songs including, Money freestyle, DvG, Moon Rock, & more Nova Also released a early project which he called (paper chase) the early Project contained 12 tracks No feature on either Songs the project did well in the streets of palm beach county with no major platforms help or label.

Nova Loosecanon started showcasing songs and freestyles records locally around the area of Miami, Tampa, Naples & Orlando. No Manager No CEO Just him with A Number of friends On the road trying to create opportunities.

in 2013 Nova started taken music more seriously after his Close Friend invested his last 45$ Dollars for a studio session for him Nova loosecanon musics relates Pain hustle & deep depression Nova loosecanon Also Act engineer & Directed music videos for a couple local Artists in the Palm beach Area where his from, music is My passion a way to escape Everything Even my personal Problems” Quoted Nova.

in 2019 Nova Loosecanon finally got a brake he was looking for meeting a Young Ceo “Freezzy Brickz“ who was willing to give him a shot solo Sky Burg Records picked up and signed nova Loosecanon.

Artist Nova Loosecanon